This is personal. My mid-riff in crisis

There are two disadvantages to writing about food all day.

One is that writing requires thinking, and thinking requires sustenance, and writing about Cornish food makes eating obligatory. The second disadvantage is that I’m sitting on my arse all day.

You need to understand that I’m also going through a bit of a mid-life crisis too.

I’m caught in life’s suspender belt. I’m middle-aged and menopausal. Pinched awkwardly, distinctly uncomfortable, probably twisted but going through with for the sake of someone else’s pleasure; my life’s not my own. Others snap the elasticated straps or have me bound up in complicated corsetry and yet expect me to drop everything, when they plead a need, at a moments notice.

I have elderly parents toppling off their mortal coil on the one end and children at the other, hurtling pell-mell into the hormone swamp of their teens. In between all of this, I’m reaching for my spectacles just to read the food labels on things, experiencing hot flushes and having no control over my stiff joints and thickening waistline. Is it any wonder I’m in a potential state of continual exhaustion?

My husband wants me to take it easy. I do and then I eat.

I have a secret chocolate stash in my computer desk drawer. It is full of Chilli flavoured chocolate. Not only does that keep the kids’ hands off my stash, but believe me you can only nibble a little chilli chocolate at a time or it blows the taste buds and me slightly out of my mind.

I also go for a run three times a week. This is just to maintain the status quo. Weight and shape remains the same.

However, I figured that if I’m to nibble food for relaxation then I should nibble quality food, unique food, and delicious local food that could get enthusiastic about, remember, take pleasure in and would appreciate every bite from the first to the last. Rather than just to keep my jaws busy.

That’s why, in a nutshell, this blog was born. It’s a personal food journey, a record of my food articles and a keepsake of all my best bites.


3 comments on “This is personal. My mid-riff in crisis

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  2. Dani says:

    You are not alone as you know.!Its great that you are putting those mid life moments into something so creative and positive. i enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Karen Lancaster says:

    Your blog has given me a lovely little chuckle this afternoon. Hope you had a lovely time a the M&B awards and your efforts were received by all. Thanks again and look forward to reading lots more from you 🙂

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