Christmas gifts for Cheese Lovers

Christmas 3 Cheese Box

A collection of Westcountry artisan cheeses, hand-made and beautifully presented, makes a perfect Christmas gift for cheese lovers and a superb addition to the Christmas menu.

Created by online specialists, these fantastic Christmas boxes draw on a variety of scrumptious cheeses, hand-prepared in small Westcountry dairies by highly skilled cheesemakers who are passionate about what they do.

A selection of delicious, firm cheeses are used including the satisfyingly strong Godminster Vintage Cheddar, ale-and-mustard flavoured Meldon, and Miss Muffet, from Whalesborough Dairy, Cornwall with its sweet flavouring and supple texture. There is also a choice of celebrated blues, namely Dorset Blue Vinney and Cornish Blue, plus a very unique ‘mini’ version of the popular nettle-covered Cornish Yarg. Several dreamy soft cheeses complete the special selection, including the organic Goldilocks and super-creamy Bocaddon.

I can only personally vouch for the four Cornish cheeses – having tasted them all, particularly the creamy Cornish Blue which is my husband’s all time favourite cheese.

These simple, well presented boxes are available with a choice of three, four or five small, extremely tasty whole cheeses.

Available from, prices for the cheese boxes start at £24.50 for the Christmas Three, £29.50 for the Christmas Four, and £39.50 for the Christmas Five, plus a delivery charge of £8.99 (for orders under £100).

All Christmas cheese boxes are delivered with each cheese individually wrapped, and safely housed amongst wood wool, in robust boxes.  An ice pack keeps the temperature cool, and a handy cheese guide gives full details on the provenance of the enclosed fine cheeses. For added impact, the Christmas cheese selection can also be packed in The Cheese Shed’s extra special hand-made Posh Box (+ £3.50).

Orders can be made online up to the 17th December for delivery week commencing 20th December. Delivery is available anywhere in the UK.

For more information visit

  • is the online shop for Westcountry artisan cheese.
  • is a specialist provider of cheese wedding cakes – the attractive towers created using whole cheese – and offers a wide range of celebration cheese cakes including decorative accessories.

    Cheese wedding cake

  • offers the largest online selection of Westcountry cheese, as well as cheese gift boxes, cheese wedding/celebration cakes and cheese hampers.

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