Chef’s Special: Bustophers Bar Bistro, Truro.

Local Guinea Fowl breast and leg with a warm salad of Bok choi, pancetta and chestnuts

Recipe by Rob Duncan, Head Chef, Bustophers Bar Bistro, Truro

Rob Duncan

Local Guinea Fowl breast and leg with a warm salad

Bustopher’s has for many years enjoyed a very popular and loyal following in Truro as a classic-meets-contemporary dining venue. Husband and wife partnership, Tom and Vicky Hancock have put their heart and soul into the recently refurbished business. Rob Duncan’s arrival in 2008 has raised the standard of a long already established menu style with his introduction of a huge variety of varied and interesting dishes. Rob is also passionate about his commitment to sourcing local and seasonal produce and creating a close rapport with his local suppliers.

“I wasn’t aware that it was possible to get ‘English’ let alone ‘Cornish’ Guinea Fowl until very recently,” Rob enthuses. “It is exciting to find that this very tasty although somewhat underrated bird is effectively running around as wild as the local pheasant are, and these are practically shot in Truro.” Rob likes to use both the breast and leg of the Guinea Fowl in this recipe. “It tastes rather like chicken, with a relatively neutral flavour but a bit gamier, especially the legs. One bird feeds two people, I buy them through Angus Trotter’s in Redruth, and when you consider the cost of free-range chicken they work out as good value.” In addition the dish’s seasonal chestnuts add something of the ‘festive’ to its flavour.

Bustopher’s has recently been awarded ‘Gold’ in the Restaurant Class in the Taste of the West’s Hospitality and Retail Awards 2009. A step up in achievement from ‘Silver’ in last year’s competition for Rob’s culinary excellence.

Recipe (serves 2)

We buy the whole birds in so first the breasts and legs are removed.

The legs are simmered slowly in duck fat for 1 hour

The breasts are marinated for 24 hours in rosemary garlic and olive oil


1 whole guinea fowl

10 new potatoes quartered

10g rosemary

1 clove garlic

1 pint duck or goose fat

3 slices of smoked pancetta

10 chestnuts

1 whole Bok choi

¼ pint chicken stock

25g salted butter

Splash white wine

To cook

In a hot pan add small amount of olive oil then add the Guinea fowl breast skin side down

Leave for about 4 mins and then turn over, add the leg to the pan and put in the oven for 10 mins at 180 degrees C.

Meanwhile, heat another pan up add some olive oil and put in the new potatoes. Colour the potatoes for 2 mins then add the bok choi, pancetta and chestnuts. Toss these together for 2 mins then deglaze pan with wine. Add chicken stock and butter cook for a further 2 mins. Take Guinea fowl from oven allow to rest for 3 mins then slice breast and serve.

Bustophers. 62, Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2PN
Tel: 01872 279029


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