The Flavour Weekly: It’s not really news anymore, but just in case anybody had forgotten…

In Cornwall we make the best cheese.

Last November, Cornish Blue was the first British cheese to win the World Champion Cheese for the first time in over a decade.

Cornish Blue is a gorgeous, creamy, ‘gorgonzola style’ cheese  – although my husband, who declares ‘Cornish Blue’ to be his favourite cheese, says this might suggest it is also unpleasantly ‘smelly’ which it is not. Cornish Blue is a mild and creamy blue cheese and a very different product from traditional strong blue cheeses such as Stilton or Dorset Blue.

It is usually eaten young when it is at its optimum best, for believe me, if you do forget and it in the fridge for too long it will turn ‘gorgonzola’ and you and start to let you know!

I’m rather partial to eating it in a sandwich with some roast beef. It’s not very original, I know, but it is so quickly snaffled in this household I don’t get the chance to think inventively.

Looking for a way to diversify their farm business, only as recently as 2001, and add value to their own milk that was not sold, Philip and Carol Stansfield spotted the gap in the market for a young, blue cheese that could compete with imported blue cheeses.  The climate, location of their farm and the milk from their own herd of Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle, were ideal for artisan cheese making. All of these elements give Cornish Blue its unique taste and character. It became the first hand-made blue cheese produced in Cornwall.

The World Champion Cheese awards were hosted at the BBC Good Food Show on 24th November 2010 with 201 judges from 19 different countries. In the competition, 2,629 cheeses from 29 countries were whittled down to 47 super gold award-winning cheeses. From this, the Supreme Panel, made up of 15 experts from 11 countries, each chose their favourite cheese to go forward to the final judging. Cornish Blue, from the Cornish Cheese Company, run by Philip and Carol Stansfield at Upton Cross near Liskeard, was finally crowned the World Champion Cheese 2010.

Philip said he “just couldn’t move” when the winner was announced. “The chap I was next to said: ‘It’s you.’ “I said: ‘I know it’s me, but I just can’t believe it’.”

The cheese was developed after considering what women would like, Philip explained, “We thought the ladies do most of the buying, so if we do a cheese that they like, we might be on to a winner.”

Cornish Blue quickly became increasingly popular helped by numerous cheese show victories, including a victory in the 2004 Tesco Cheese Challenge that gave the cheese its first supermarket listing.

It was described by Tesco cheese buyer, Mike Seymour, as “one of the cheese world’s best kept secrets”. However, a secret it’s not any more.

2 comments on “The Flavour Weekly: It’s not really news anymore, but just in case anybody had forgotten…

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  2. Choclette says:

    Have to say this is my favourite blue and I’m not just saying that as it’s my local cheese. But must dispute it’s anything like Gorgonzola – that I find too harsh.

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