Valentine’s Treat For Cheese Lovers

A delicious Valentine gift, the ultimate gesture of a labour of love is a heart shape ‘Cornish Yarg’, from Lynher Dairies, made especially for cheese lovers and cheesy romantics.

The story of Yarg is a fairly well known one in Cornwall. First made near Liskeard by Alan Gray in his kitchen. It was called ‘Yarg’ from his surname spelt backwards. Not only was it the first ‘artisan’ cheese to be made in Cornwall since before the war, but the fact that it was also wrapped in nettles that instantly turned into a unique and distinctive Cornish product. The recipe and business was sold and the cheese is now made in West Cornwall not far from Falmouth.

However, it is one thing to make a cheese in your kitchen; and argue that inconsistencies and variations, as in wine, become part of its charm. But when you are selling to large multi-nationals, ensuring consistency of product is essential. Yarg was first made from milk from cows that grazed on the edge of Bodmin Moor, with a harsher climate and without year round grass. The resulting cheese had a distinctive chalky, friable texture which a fresh, lemony tang. Milk produced in West Cornwall, where the cows eat grass all year round, contains fat with a greater moisture content and this typically makes a much softer type of cheese, to continue to make a consistent product, Lynher Dairies had to learn to understand the difference and then to fine tune the way we made the cheese so that we’re able to continue to produce Yarg’s particular taste and crumbly texture.

Lynher make two types of Yarg Cheese. The original ‘Yarg Cornish’ and a newer, ‘Wild Garlic’, creamy and slightly crumbly, wrapped in wild garlic leaves that add a delicate garlic flavour which is so unlike any other garlic cheeses.

Each Heart-shaped Yarg cheese is made to order and extra special care is given to the shape and lines of the cheese. The rinds are nurtured through maturity to ensure a perfect bloom on every cheese. A wonderful present for Valentine’s Day. With or without message!

Quick Facts

• Available as a nettle rinded cheese
• Approximately 1.1kg weight• 4 weeks lead time required to ensure maturity
purchase on line

And while on the subject of Cheese for Cheese Romantics: Two other heart-shaped, Westcountry artisan cheeses, hand-made and beautifully presented. Created by online specialists, the fabulous ‘Two Hearts’ gift box contains the lip-smacking Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar (400g) charmingly presented in a heart-shaped deep red wax, paired with the no less wonderful White Heart (200g) a sweet and creamy goats cheese shaped into a delightfully contrasting white heart – providing a truly decadent treat for your loved one.

You can personalise the cheese gift box for your Valentine with an individual message. The words to your loved one will be handwritten on a gift card included in the cheese gift box.

Available from, the ‘Two Hearts’ gift box is priced at £25.50. All cheese boxes are delivered with each separate cheese snuggled in fine wood shavings and safely housed in an attractive red box.

For an extra special treat, the ‘Two Hearts’ gift box can be accompanied by a selection of scrumptious chocolate truffles, hand-made by Brownes (+ £5.99 for a 100g packet).

Orders can be made online up to Thursday 9 February for delivery on Friday 11 February. Delivery is available anywhere in the UK.

For more information visit

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