Cornwall’s in the UK’s best region for food

Rick Stein and fellow chefs Nathan Outlaw, Jonray Sanchez-Iglesias, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, Michael Caines (pictured here celebrating the launch with Director Jo Rees on the roof terrace of the Seafood Restaurant)

The Trencherman’s Guide confirms the southwest as the hot new region to experience the very best of British food.

The Trencherman’s Director Jo Rees said, “We are at a tipping point in terms of good quality food and drink producers, especially in Cornwall, and yesterday was an appropriately beautiful Spring day in Cornwall for the lunch-time launch of the latest, ‘Trencherman’s Guide 2011-2012 at Rick Stein restaurant in Padstow. The superb quality of food produced locally has been a tremendous boost to the Cornwall brand, and Jo explained that, “When it comes to local chef’s they really do ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to using local produce. It’s all about food with authenticity, and chefs are buying quality fish that has been caught sustainably, produce that has been reared, harvested and produced with care.”

Rick Stein commented on the fact that the excellence in hotels and restaurants meant that the Southwest seemed to be bucking the trend when things were getting quite tough with the rest of the tourist industry. “I’m excited by this growing realization that the Westcountry has this special produce and also such great restaurants cooking and serving it up.”

The Trencherman’s Guide is described by The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella restaurant critic Zoe Williams as, ‘Your trusty satnav: utterly accurate and bang up to date,’ it’s the only dining guide that’s dedicated to eating in the South West and that restaurants can’t buy their way into. Entry is by invitation only, and restaurants have to meet strict criteria to be included.

Lonely Planet’s brand new edition of Devon, Cornwall and Southwest England also reveals that the region has overtaken the rest of the UK with its sublime cuisine, challenging London for the culinary throne.

According to the guidebook, the southwest is producing the UK’s most innovative cuisine; locally sourced, ethically produced, organic and what’s more it is being prepared by fantastic home grown talent. The region’s celebrity chefs opened their kitchens to train some of the southwest’s rising stars and a wealth of gourmet talent can now be found in this culinary corner of Britain. The region is already blessed with a handful of Michelin stars and the authors of the guide are in little doubt that more are sure to follow.

Author Oliver Berry says “the southwest is every foodie’s dream; just caught crab accompanied with local wine in spectacular settings – what could be better? The southwest’s culinary stars have none of the pretension you can find eating out in London. If you want an insight into where British food is at right now, there’s really nowhere better than the southwest.”

Known as the “insiders’ guide”, the Trencherman’s Guide is highly respected within the industry. Now in its 19th year, it’s been developed in recent years under the expert eye of two-Michelin-starred chef Michael Caines.

This year’s guide is better than ever, with 101 restaurants featured, and a new section for up-and-coming restaurants.

The Trencherman’s Guide is also online, so you can find a great restaurant (and leave reviews), wherever you are.

The Lonely Planet guide highlights the importance of the overall gourmet experience – from catching your own seafood to ordering direct from farmers’ fields. “Take a superb array of local, seasonal and organic produce, mix in a range of atmospheric eateries and finish with a sizable scattering of celebrity chefs. The result? A region whipping up a perfect culinary storm – and a series of very satisfied stomachs”


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