The Flavour Weekly: The Cornish Food Box Company

These were the veggies spread gloriously and deliciously across my kitchen table just over a week ago. Who would imagine that Cornish grown vegetables could appear so fresh, colourful and delightful in December? Slap a turkey in the middle and my Christmas feast is sorted.

The Cornish Food Box Company is run by sisters Lucy Jones and Victoria Amran in Truro. I’d encountered their colourful stand at the Cornwall Food & Drink Festival in September which stood out for the sheer variety of produce displayed.

What you see is their early Christmas gift to me. It represents an £11 veg box and 12 different types of freshly grown (only from Cornwall) vegetables. I’m feeding a family at home and we are still enjoying some of the potatoes, carrots, sprouts, onions, peppers and cabbage you see here.

The Cornish Food Box Company was established 12 months ago and now delivers boxes of fresh, seasonal, local food to homes, offices and holiday cottages. Working with more than 70 small Cornish farmers and producers, the business aims to make it as easy as possible for busy working families to support the rural economy by buying local food.

“We started this business as a way of making it incredibly easy for local people to buy local food,” explained Victoria.

“There has been a massive growth in demand for locally produced, seasonal food over the last 5 years and here in Cornwall we have some of the best producers in the country. We wanted to give some of the small farmers and businesses a chance to grow their business at the same time as we develop ours.”

It is a brave move to set up this kind of business and I really admire them.  Not only for the amount of work and complex infrastructure it takes to make it work, but for the sustained passion that keeps these ladies going.

Their aim is to bring the very best Cornish food (this is not just another veg box scheme) direct to their customers door. Lucy and Victoria really do make it easy and possible to buy local, seasonal food. The downside (if it is a downside) is you might have to do without citrus fruits and bananas until we can grow these in Cornwall. The upside is the supporting of local growers and producers and the reduction in food miles. The bonus is that there is no compromise on taste or quality such more the sake of ethics. My mother had a large vegetable garden – is was much more limited in the variety she grew – but until this little lot arrived, I hadn’t had such tasty vegetables since enjoying my Ma’s home-grown.

For Christmas they can deliver all the festive goodies. From free range turkeys, ducks and geese, gammon hams, Christmas puddings to chocolates and cranberry sauce. So why not them put a Christmas Hamper together for you? On their website their offer is: ‘Buy 3 of our small seasonal veg boxes and get your 4th one for free.’ What you see above and below is the amount you get in a small veg box. So that’s a saving of £11 and represents great value.

More about how to order here.

Tel: 01872 470313

2,Charles Street, Truro

One comment on “The Flavour Weekly: The Cornish Food Box Company

  1. oh i shall have to look into this as i live in cornwall and always trying to eat more veg!

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