Chef’s Special: Bustophers Bar Bistro, Truro

Balsamic Poached Cornish Strawberry Mille Feuille with Spun Sugar

Recipe by: Dale McIntosh, Head Chef, Bustophers Bar Bistro.

When General Manager Tom Hancock and his wife Vicky approached Dale McIntosh to take over as Head Chef at Bustophers, he wasn’t to know how lucky an opportunity it would be. “Bustophers is about creating a whole dining experience. People like to be able to linger, dink at the bar and take time over dinner,” said Dale, adding, “It felt right. I can spend more time over the food, plus Tom and Vicky aim to win awards for their food and service as much I do.”

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Chef’s Special: The Nare, Veryan-in-Roseland

Carne beach, view from the Nare

Terras Farm Duck Breast

Terras Farm Duck Breast, Confit of Leg, Potato Cake and Sherry Creamed Lentils.

Recipe by Richard James, Head Chef, The Nare

There is a winterish feel to this dish. Comfort food at it’s best. “The Cornish Duck company supplies all our Duck which is reared on their farm at Grampound Road,” and according to Richard James “it is definitely the best duck around.” The breast has a lovely flavour which shouldn’t be complicated. However, “the confit of duck leg is the chefy thing we do. The meat is marinated in salt, sugar, herbs, Worcester sauce, basil and some balsamic vinegar for one or two days and then slow cooked for 3 hrs on a low heat. This draws out the fat and really intensifies all the flavours.”

As a Cornishman working in the restaurant business and climbing up through the ranks for 22 years, Richard has seen enormous changes, particularly in the last five years, in the reputation that Cornwall now has for quality of food. Our profile has been raised both by one or two exceptional chefs and increasing media interest. “Cornwall is fortunately blessed with fresh fish in abundance and a favourable climate for growing produce and raising livestock,” expounds Richard, “People are coming to understand good value in quality and the superb quality of our local produce is well worth paying a little bit extra for.”

The Nare’s Quarterdeck restaurant offers contemporary modern British food with a seasonally changing menu. “Local farmers often ring us up,” Richard says,” to offer what they have fresh that day.” The Nare has recently been awarded 4 red stars making it the best 4 star hotel in the county. The restaurant team have undoubtedly played their part in this achievement. Continue reading

Chef’s Special: Bustophers Bar Bistro, Truro.

Local Guinea Fowl breast and leg with a warm salad of Bok choi, pancetta and chestnuts

Recipe by Rob Duncan, Head Chef, Bustophers Bar Bistro, Truro

Rob Duncan

Local Guinea Fowl breast and leg with a warm salad

Bustopher’s has for many years enjoyed a very popular and loyal following in Truro as a classic-meets-contemporary dining venue. Husband and wife partnership, Tom and Vicky Hancock have put their heart and soul into the recently refurbished business. Rob Duncan’s arrival in 2008 has raised the standard of a long already established menu style with his introduction of a huge variety of varied and interesting dishes. Rob is also passionate about his commitment to sourcing local and seasonal produce and creating a close rapport with his local suppliers.

“I wasn’t aware that it was possible to get ‘English’ let alone ‘Cornish’ Guinea Fowl until very recently,” Rob enthuses. “It is exciting to find that this very tasty although somewhat underrated bird is effectively running around as wild as the local pheasant are, and these are practically shot in Truro.” Rob likes to use both the breast and leg of the Guinea Fowl in this recipe. “It tastes rather like chicken, with a relatively neutral flavour but a bit gamier, especially the legs. One bird feeds two people, I buy them through Angus Trotter’s in Redruth, and when you consider the cost of free-range chicken they work out as good value.” In addition the dish’s seasonal chestnuts add something of the ‘festive’ to its flavour.

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Chef’s Special: The Nare Hotel on the Roseland.

Richard James

Assembling the venison dish.

Venison Loin with Butternut Squash Purée, Potato Gnocchi and Girolles

Recipe by: Richard James, Head Chef, The Nare Hotel.

Richard James is proud of the new team he has assembled in his kitchen over the past year. “New people bring new ideas, ask questions and help to keep our menus fresh and ever developing. It is really important, as the diners’ expectations are high. They expect both good value and the best quality of local and seasonal food ingredients we can source.”

Vension, sourced through Celtic Fish and Game from a farm on Bodmin Moor, gives a distinct autumn feel to this dish. “I have tried to create something that is both colourful and visually appealing as it is flavoursome,” says Richard. “The potato gnocchi is a bit fancy and makes this dish special, however it can be a bit tricky to make and does take a bit of practice to do. We get many of our seasonal vegetables, such as the Butternut squash, kale and spinach from Cusgarne Organic Farm who will tell us what is available in season and we will adapt out dishes to suit.” Continue reading