Seriously? Cornish Whiskey?

The Cornish Whiskey Story 

Cornwall’s first whiskey in 300 years was born from a handshake between two independent family businesses; St Austell Brewery and Healey’s Cyder Farm which, incidentally, is also Cornwall’s only brandy distillery.

The idea was initially the inspiration of St Austell Brewery’s Head Brewer, Roger Ryman, who has nursed his passion for whiskey since cutting his teeth in the Scottish drinks business several decades ago. It’s a partnership that brings both expertises in brewing and distillation together for the first time in England. Continue reading


The Great British Chefs App

Local Photographer to Cornwall, David Griffen emailed me with this:

“Just a quick email to say hello, and to let you know about an exciting new app called Great British Chefs. The app features some of my food photography – I was commisioned to shoot the food of four chefs – three in the South West (Nathan Outlaw, James Sommerin and Simon Hulstone) and Tom Aikens in London.”

Having released the app this week, the developers say:
“The Great British Chefs App (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) brings together 12 of the UK’s most creative chefs, who between them have 15 Michelin stars and a host of other awards. Now you can have 180 of their recipes and their unique cooking styles into your kitchen.”

The Times think:
“Many dishes are quick and simple while maintaining that giddy air of Michelin stardom. It’s full of wild combinations, useful everyday techniques and genuinely brilliant, interesting recipes. And at a time of hyper-simplified home cooking, perhaps that’s no bad thing.”

If you would like to watch a trailer for the app please visit:
And here are the links to go and buy the app:

Be warned though. It’s food seduction and now I want an iPad all the more. 😛

Sampling the art of Nicky Grant, Patisssiere and Chocolatier

Romantic Infusion

Nicky Grant is a seductress.

One bite of her ‘Great Taste’ gold award-winning Cornish seasalt caramel truffles and I’m smitten!

It might be the quick snap sensation of the dark chocolate shell breaking apart under my teeth, followed by the oozing creamy-rich, sweet caramel centre on my tongue that transports a feeling of rapture straight from my head to my toes; or possibly the guilty memento of sin touched with smudges of cocoa powder left on my fingertips to lick? However, what sets these caramels apart, and my taste buds spiralling into bliss, is the barely discernible flavour of sea salt. Don’t ask me why or how, but salt appears to add something quite remarkable.  It turns a nod of approval into the tenderest proposal: ‘my heart is putty. I adore you’

All of this is a world away from Nicky’s previous life. Until 2001 she was a Corporate Identity Manager for BAA, a blue chip company in London, where her most of her life was spent in airports designing public spaces. Moving from corporate life to a farmhouse in west Cornwall might seem like a far cry from the sublime to the ordinary. Her husband Tom admitted, “I was a little nervous how she might react on meeting my large and almost overwhelming Cornish family.” However, for Nicky, it gave her the perfect opportunity to fine-tune a passion for another artistic design form completely. Continue reading

Valentine’s Treat For Cheese Lovers

A delicious Valentine gift, the ultimate gesture of a labour of love is a heart shape ‘Cornish Yarg’, from Lynher Dairies, made especially for cheese lovers and cheesy romantics.

The story of Yarg is a fairly well known one in Cornwall. First made near Liskeard by Alan Gray in his kitchen. It was called ‘Yarg’ from his surname spelt backwards. Not only was it the first ‘artisan’ cheese to be made in Cornwall since before the war, but the fact that it was also wrapped in nettles that instantly turned into a unique and distinctive Cornish product. The recipe and business was sold and the cheese is now made in West Cornwall not far from Falmouth. Continue reading

I’m thinking lobster for Christmas…?

Fish For Thought selection box.

I’ve had superb fresh Cornish fish from Fish for Thought before, so I can thoroughly recommend both the quality of the fish and the service.

We are sharing Christmas this year with my vegetarian (but she does eat fish) sister-in-law and her two non-meat eating children.  So I’m seriously thinking that this year we should ditch the traditional turkey and have a royal feast of fish. We won’t even be in Cornwall this year, but I’m confident that it won’t make a jot of difference. Fish For Thought assure me that they can deliver freshly caught Cornish seafood direct to where ever I happen to be. So, if we chose to gather somewhere remote and unorthodox for the festivities, if shouldn’t be impossible at all.

Christmas feasting tends to go one of two ways: either it’s a massive over indulgence of food, which we groan at our stuffing or quickly regret; or it’s a taste treat of fine and special food. So, I’m tending towards the later, thinking of celebrating with Fish for Thought’s Cornish lobster, crab and scallops, to name just a few! Continue reading

Festive ‘Eden’ in a Hamper


The Eden Project in Cornwall is passionate about plants, people and working towards a sustainable future. To celebrate the season of goodwill, the team at Eden has sourced a number of Christmas hampers and gift sets that showcase the very best of food, drink and plant life – much of which comes from local producers in Cornwall.  All you need to do is buy, try and   enjoy!

There’s also a fairly good chance this kind of question might turn up in a Christmas Cracker a a Trivia fact between the corny joke and the paper crown.

Did you know?  Best known as being Cornwall’s top garden and eco tourist attraction, the Eden Project is also home to the world’s  biggest rainforest  in captivity.

However, if you are like me and dislike being given anything for Christmas unless you can eat it…here are some very tasty suggestions. Continue reading

T.G. Green’s blue & white Cornishware is now also in red…

Colourful type on  stripes…

A Bespoke Lettering Service for Christmas

Cornishware® is famed for its distinctive blue and white banded stripes and simple but beautifully labelled pieces. Since the early 1920s Cornishware® storage jars have been home to just about every classic kitchen ingredient under the sun. The words on Cornishware® items are now highly collectible and command staggering prices depending on the word. Original jars such as ‘Loaf Sugar’ or ‘Candied Peel’ are highly prized items.

The good news is Cornishware® is now offering a totally bespoke lettering service on their mugs and storage jars for the first time this Christmas and it won’t cost you hundreds of pounds to write whatever words you like. Continue reading