Behind the pasty

Behind the Pasty lurks a girl/wife/mother with a long term plan…

Having lived in Cornwall for the largest chunk of my life, I know, better than most how food here has changed astronomically in the last 10 years or so. Once upon a time, the only ‘good’ food you could guarantee in Cornwall was a proper Cornish Pasty (and anything else made in a Cornish bakery), Cornish ice cream was already pretty special and or course, clotted cream.

Now great flavour, fresh produce and locally sourced Cornish food and drink is the normal claim everywhere. From the very best Michelin chef to the tiny local kitchen cafe, if it isn’t serving Cornish food it isn’t worth eating there.

So why the change?

It’s a combination of things, from farming crisis forcing farmers to add value to their produce by turning milk into cheese, cream and ice cream, or rare breed pork into sausages, fruit into juices and wines, or growing a much greater variety of fruit, salads and vegetables. The practical need  and drive to make Cornwall better off and more economically sustainable. It’s also the fact that Cornwall has a favourable climate for growing and a location rich in fishing and agriculture, enthusiastic chefs and food producers and artisans alike.

The reality is that Cornwall is rapidly turning into a foodie’s utopia, and if there is any ingredient in your store cupboard that isn’t yet produced in Cornwall, you can bet that it won’t be long before it is.

And the plan?

I’d like to ultimately explore every nook, cranny and corner and all the nibbled edges of Cornwall’s coast and countryside, to look beyond the pasty and discover what’s new and what other Cornish classics are out there – I might even taste beyond the pasty’s borders from time to time – to post on what I find (or what gets put in front of me).

‘Beyond the Pasty’ now has a Facebook Page. So please pop by and say hello.

Lastly, the Disclaimer…

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