Brandy Butter & Bread Sauce recipes with clotted cream.

In my opinion, there is only really one kind of cream clotted cream – everything else is ‘milk’ (slightly thicker milk, sour milk or milk with air)  in comparison.

Here’s some simple recipes from Rodda’s which I’ll be using over Christmas.

Luxurious bread sauce with Rodda’s clotted cream

Perfect with turkey, chicken and game birds.

Serves 6-8 Prep time 5 minutes plus 2-24 hours steeping time Cooking time 10 minutes Continue reading


Chef’s Special: Bustophers Bar Bistro, Truro.

Local Guinea Fowl breast and leg with a warm salad of Bok choi, pancetta and chestnuts

Recipe by Rob Duncan, Head Chef, Bustophers Bar Bistro, Truro

Rob Duncan

Local Guinea Fowl breast and leg with a warm salad

Bustopher’s has for many years enjoyed a very popular and loyal following in Truro as a classic-meets-contemporary dining venue. Husband and wife partnership, Tom and Vicky Hancock have put their heart and soul into the recently refurbished business. Rob Duncan’s arrival in 2008 has raised the standard of a long already established menu style with his introduction of a huge variety of varied and interesting dishes. Rob is also passionate about his commitment to sourcing local and seasonal produce and creating a close rapport with his local suppliers.

“I wasn’t aware that it was possible to get ‘English’ let alone ‘Cornish’ Guinea Fowl until very recently,” Rob enthuses. “It is exciting to find that this very tasty although somewhat underrated bird is effectively running around as wild as the local pheasant are, and these are practically shot in Truro.” Rob likes to use both the breast and leg of the Guinea Fowl in this recipe. “It tastes rather like chicken, with a relatively neutral flavour but a bit gamier, especially the legs. One bird feeds two people, I buy them through Angus Trotter’s in Redruth, and when you consider the cost of free-range chicken they work out as good value.” In addition the dish’s seasonal chestnuts add something of the ‘festive’ to its flavour.

Bustopher’s has recently been awarded ‘Gold’ in the Restaurant Class in the Taste of the West’s Hospitality and Retail Awards 2009. A step up in achievement from ‘Silver’ in last year’s competition for Rob’s culinary excellence. Continue reading

Crantock Bakery gives shoppers a taste of Christmas

Since I’m on the subject of ‘pasty news’….

A Cornish bakery is providing an early taste of Christmas with the launch of two new products and the return of a festive favourite.

Crantock Bakery has partnered their popular Turkey and Cranberry Pasty with a brand new Christmas Sausage Roll, while plum pudding lovers will be thrilled by the new Christmas Pudding and Custard Parcel.

Crantock Bakery’s new product development manager Becky Hornabrook said: “Last Christmas high street shoppers loved our Turkey and Cranberry Pasty as it had the delicious taste of a Christmas dinner but without the stress of cooking it.

“This year we’ve been working hard to add to our range and are really pleased that while people are battling to finish all their Christmas shopping they’ll be able to pick up a slice of Christmas to keep them going and warm them up while they’re trudging round the shops in the cold.” Continue reading

A cake for a double digit.

My son had this idea for his 10th birthday, yesterday. He was very clear about it. He wanted a coiled snake and suggested this could be achieved by baking cakes in different sized tins. The smaller cake could sit on the larger one, and a smaller one again on that, except that I pointed out I was limited to two sizes of cake tins only in my cupboard.

He’s a creative thinker, a lover of reptiles and amphibians and very encouraging and complimentary of my efforts which helps a lot as I was nervous of making a complete hash of it.

The cake was a simple recipe. I weighed 4 eggs in their shells first and then used weighed out butter, sugar and flour to the same weight as the eggs. Continue reading goes live.

Get Live and Clicking with

of Cornish households are getting their first chance to sample the “buy fresh, buy local” wares of this week as the brand new home delivery service goes live to its first wave of customers in the Falmouth – Truro area. (Tuesday 16 November 2010)

And as shoppers finally get to meander through the best of local fare via CFM’s fun and user friendly website one happy customer is getting even more of a bargain than most from her first order.

Fyonah Ferris, of Devoran, is amongst the thousands of people who have signed up to register their interest in the new on-line service, developed over two years from its HQ on Cornwall’s south coast to link best Cornish produce and much else besides to local householders. Her lucky database number came up in a random selection, winning her £350 to spend on groceries of her choice. Continue reading

Rosehip and Quince Jelly

Quinces look half way between and apple and a pear. Mine are a buttery yellow. However they are hard and when cut in half, there is nothing about the smell or texture to suggest that they can be made into something appetizing. But, as I discovered, quinces cook up sweet with a vibrant rose colour and a floral aroma and flavour.

Rosehips are full of vitamin C (20 times more than oranges) and, as syrup has long had the reputation for keeping colds at bay in the winter. Their flavour is reminiscent of redcurrants but more fragrant and quirky.

You have to know this at the outset. There’s a recipe here or sorts, but I can’t vouch for it as fail-safe and the quantities are approximations because I don’t recall exactly what I used.

It only happened because two plants in my garden happened to present themselves abundantly fruit at the same time and suggested the perfect combination. However, I couldn’t find any recipe to follow and so have combined recipes for each and simply brought them together. Continue reading

Chef’s Special: Rosewarne Manor, near Hayle.

Iced Ginger-bread Soufflé

Phil Thomas

Recipe by Phil Thomas, Head Chef, Rosewarne Manor, Connor Downs, Hayle.

Phil Thomas uses an ‘Italian’ meringue base for his dessert, which he describes as “the most technical of meringues to make”. An ‘Italian’ meringue is much underused even by other chef’s, “but it is the ideal base for any iced parfait. Simply add the puree, or fruit puree, of your choice to lightly whipped cream and the meringue. Once you have overcome the fear of making it,” he adds, “you will find many uses for it in stunning desserts. The advantage is that it keeps its shape; it can be frozen without going rock-solid, it can also be dried out like ordinary meringues but won’t collapse and go sticky and it makes a versatile base for many desserts from ice-creams to a lemon meringue pie.”

The Rosewarne was a popular West Cornwall dining venue in the 1980’s, where they regularly served between 200 – 300 meals a night in the summer time.  It was also where Phil had his first taste of his career on a work experience placement. Reopened in December 2007, with a complete refurbishment, the Rosewarne is set to rebuild its reputation and Phil found he had come full circle by returning as Head Chef. Continue reading