Cornwall’s in the UK’s best region for food

Rick Stein and fellow chefs Nathan Outlaw, Jonray Sanchez-Iglesias, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, Michael Caines (pictured here celebrating the launch with Director Jo Rees on the roof terrace of the Seafood Restaurant)

The Trencherman’s Guide confirms the southwest as the hot new region to experience the very best of British food.

The Trencherman’s Director Jo Rees said, “We are at a tipping point in terms of good quality food and drink producers, especially in Cornwall, and yesterday was an appropriately beautiful Spring day in Cornwall for the lunch-time launch of the latest, ‘Trencherman’s Guide 2011-2012 at Rick Stein restaurant in Padstow. The superb quality of food produced locally has been a tremendous boost to the Cornwall brand, and Jo explained that, “When it comes to local chef’s they really do ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to using local produce. It’s all about food with authenticity, and chefs are buying quality fish that has been caught sustainably, produce that has been reared, harvested and produced with care.” Continue reading


Keveral Farm Community of Growers’ Organic Veg Boxes and a whole lot more.

Micro herbs from Keveral

Mirco herbs and leaves

Sean O’Neill hands me a tiny, insignificant looking leaf.

“Try this,” he says.

I’m looking at the two pinched-out top leaves from a green sprout he has handed me. Or, perhaps it’s an insignificant baby shoot he’s weeded out to let the stronger plants have space to grow strength? All around me, there are endless trays stacked upon shelves, row upon row of intensely bright, yet rather uninspiring looking seedlings. Apparently these infantile plantlets are the crop; harvested just as they reach salad cress height. Does my scepticism show? Surely there can be no flavour to this?

My un-cued response to its fragility is to tentatively nibble a neat fraction – a half-leaf – and I’m gob-smacked!  It’s a surprisingly powerful punch of concentrated sweetness like a saccharine pillule is to a tablespoon of treacle.

“The sugar-plant,” Sean informs me and in an instant I’m a convert. He hands me more and more deliciously different micro-herbs to sample and each one owns a definite and distinctive taste that is unique from one another. Continue reading