Chef’s Special: 2 Fore Street, Mousehole.

Pan fried Gunard with saffron curried mussels

Joe Wardell

Pan Fried Gurnard with Saffron Curried Mussels

Recipe by Joe Wardell, 2 Fore Street, Mousehole

Chef and restaurant owner, Joe Wardell opened his restaurant in Mousehole, overlooking the harbour, in April 2007. Having worked for Raymond Blanc at the Le Petite Blanc in Oxford his food is certainly influenced by Raymond’s simple French cooking which relies on good ingredients and not too much embellishment.

“I literally phone every single morning to find out what local fish is in and what is good,” says Joe. Such is the advantage of being this close to the boats when they land the fish. Local people also like to bring in the surplus produce form their garden or fish from their catch from time to time. Continue reading