Stein’s Seafood Restaurant wins West of England Business of the Year Award

Rick and Jill Stein’s The Seafood Restaurant in Cornwall has been recognised as the West of England Business of the Year 2011, in the category of businesses with less than £25m turnover.  The 23rd annual awards are organised by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) in conjunction with ITV West and Beacon Southwest and were held in Bristol last Thursday.

The Seafood Restaurant is the first Cornish company to win the prestigious award in the last five years and battled it out with three other finalists from the West Country. Tracey Bentham, of PWC and chair of the judging panel said “the judge’s decision was unanimous in choosing the Seafood Restaurant as a worthy winner. The great progress they have made in the last year was most impressive to the judges, not only in developing their new Falmouth businesses, but also in the structure and strategy within the organisation. We were also impressed with their plans to keep growing in the future”.

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I’m thinking lobster for Christmas…?

Fish For Thought selection box.

I’ve had superb fresh Cornish fish from Fish for Thought before, so I can thoroughly recommend both the quality of the fish and the service.

We are sharing Christmas this year with my vegetarian (but she does eat fish) sister-in-law and her two non-meat eating children.  So I’m seriously thinking that this year we should ditch the traditional turkey and have a royal feast of fish. We won’t even be in Cornwall this year, but I’m confident that it won’t make a jot of difference. Fish For Thought assure me that they can deliver freshly caught Cornish seafood direct to where ever I happen to be. So, if we chose to gather somewhere remote and unorthodox for the festivities, if shouldn’t be impossible at all.

Christmas feasting tends to go one of two ways: either it’s a massive over indulgence of food, which we groan at our stuffing or quickly regret; or it’s a taste treat of fine and special food. So, I’m tending towards the later, thinking of celebrating with Fish for Thought’s Cornish lobster, crab and scallops, to name just a few! Continue reading

Online fish in more ways than one…

FIsh catch.

Paul Trudgian.

Fish for Thought‘s fresh thinking.

I like to eat fish enormously, but its an experience now that I most associate with going out for dinner in a restaurant. It is such a crying shame, living in an island that we do, that the treat of eating fish is all too often confined to this. I’ve childhood memories of trailing a line for mackerel off a boat in Cornish waters, grilling them on a beach barbecue and feasting on these slivery-stripped beauties with my hands, and I can still remember, in every deliciously gustatory detail exactly how superb, freshly caught, simply cooked fish can be.

Yet, when it comes to buying and cooking fish I’ll admit to being mostly flummoxed. The absence of the traditional fish monger on every high street has rendered us a generation of ‘battered cods’. I hardly know a monkfish’s tail from a skate’s wing.  What’s good, what’s tasty, how to prepare it and cook it and where to get it? All my good intentions normally flounder at the wet fish counter in a supermarket. I can’t tell if it’s a ‘fresh plaice’ or a ‘damp squid’ so I might only be daring enough for a piece of pink salmon or a mix of white stuff I can hide in a fish pie. The truth is that I lack confidence. There are too many reasons not to bother and just reach – like a flaccid fishy failure – into the freezer cabinet for what Captn’ Bird’s Eye can offer instead. Continue reading